Rio California

Rio California

A ray of tropical sun shines in Downtown Oakland!

72 hours in advance & 25 person minimum

All orders subject to tax; 15% set up & delivery/gratuity may be added All paper goods and utensils are included

Breakfast per person

Includes coffee, decaf. & tea (served w/ cream & sugar and all paper goods)
Assorted Pastries $9.95
Assorted Bagels & Pastries $10.95
(cream cheeses & butter)
​ Continental Breakfast $17.95
(all the above and all below included)
If purchased separate - fresh fruit (minimum of 15 people) $5.95 p.p. Add Juice $4.95 p.p. Coffee set up with tea and decaf. $4.95

Lunch per person
Sandwiches, Potato Chips, Drinks $16.95
Bossa-Nova - chicken breast, hearts of palm, corn
Carnaval - VEGETARIAN sprouts, avocado, tomato, ricotta cheese
Bambino - VEGETARIAN tofu, sprouts, pesto sauce
Oba-Oba - chicken breast, corn, raisins
Ipanema - chicken breast, pineapple
Sunset - tuna fish, raisins, corn
Copacabana - tuna fish, dill, carrots, green onions
Samba - smoked turkey and pineapple
Tradicional - smoked turkey, lettuce, tomato, cranberry sauce, cheese
Focaccia Specials: Vegetarian or Chicken Teriyaki, w/ drinks & chips $17.95

We also carry regular deli-style sandwiches (ham, pastrami, roast beef)

Add Salad $4.50
Add cookies and brownies $5.25
​ Add fruits $5.95
Empanadas with salad & drinks $17.95

Salads: Mixed Greens, Caesar, Greek
​ Soups choice: Split Pea with Ham, Canja (chicken, rice and veggies), Gumbo, Cream of Broccoli, Corn Chowder, Vegetable, Lentil

These entrees are only made for 15 people or more each
price is for each/per person and are served family style.

Feijoada (black bean and mixed meats stew) Lunch $19.95 Dinner/Weekend $20.95
Jerk Chicken served with veggies, rice and salad Lunch $18.95 Dinner/Weekend $20.95
Grilled chicken breast w/ wild mushrooms in Port wine sauce, with rice and choice of salad or veggies Lunch .$18.95 Dinner/Weekend $20.95
Grilled chicken breast w/ lemon butter rosemary sauce, with mashed potatoes or rice and salad Lunch $18.95 Dinner/Weekend $20.95
Skewers– choices of chicken, sausages, beef or combo (served with salad and rice) Lunch $17.95 Dinner/Weekend $19.95
Moqueca de Peixe (fish & seafood stew with coconut milk) Lunch $20.95 Dinner/Weekend $23.95
Pastas (chicken Alfredo, Italian sausage w/ roasted pepper, primavera)served w/ salad & garlic bread Lunch $17.95 Dinner/Weekend $19.95
Lasagnas (beef or veggie) served with salad and garlic bread Lunch $17.95 Dinner/Weekend $19.95
Oven roasted pork (with rice or mashed potatoes, vegetables and salad) Lunch $18.95 Dinner/Weekend $20.95

Trays per person
​ Cheese & Crackers $10.95
Veggies with dip $8.95
Fruit tray $6.95
Cookies and Brownies $5.25
Green Salad (bowl) $5.25
Savories – Hors d’oeuvres
Empanadas (choice of spinach, chicken or beef filling in this traditional South American baked turnover) $69.00/dozen
Coxinhas (chicken croquettes) $69.00/dozen
Spanakopita (spinach and feta) $32.00/dozen